Destination Fields

E-Mails Destination Fields


Field in which are listed the recipients to whom the email is specifically intended.


Acronym meaning “carbon copy” of an email message.

It is a field in which it is possible to list one or more recipients to whom the e-mail message is not directly addressed, but whom the sender wishes to keep informed of the content of the message.


Acronym meaning “blind carbon copy” of an email message.

It is a field that has a similar role to Cc, with the fundamental difference that the recipients listed in the To: and Cc: fields will not see the recipients that have been added in the Bcc field.

Bcc should be used with caution. It is true that it allows you to secretly copy a person to an exchange. However, if that person uses “Reply to All“, all recipients will know that the sender originally sent a blind copy to that person.