Search Engine

Since the Internet contains billions of pieces of information, Internet users would never be able to find what they are looking for without using a search engine like Google.  

A search engine works in three stages: crawling, indexing and querying. 

First, crawlers (algorithms) regularly crawl the web in an optimized way by following networks of links to millions of web pages, including those of your website.

Secondly, indexing robots extract the data from the browsed pages (URLs, titles, keywords in the form of character strings, etc.), analyze the content of the information and classify it in an index (a gigantic database). An adequate ranking of your website in Google’s index is therefore dependent on a well-designed website and frequent updates.

Finally, users who make queries by typing them into the search engine form unknowingly set in motion a query engine that compares the query to the data in the index, collects the results, then ranks them before displaying them on the screen.

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