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How to Configure the Web App Firewall (WAF) and View Firewall History


A Web Application Firewall (WAF)‘s role is to filter incoming requests to a HTTP server. This module analyzes the requests received by using a database of request rules considered as unwanted.

You can enable or disable the web application firewall and customize its rules. It is also possible to view the firewall history of each domain.

Note :The Glossary of N0C contains explanations on multiple topics and can be consulted to clarify certain terms.


Go to https://mg.n0c.com/en/.

How to View the Firewall Protection History

  1. Go to Security > Firewall History:
  1. Use the Filter by domain drop-down list to refine the search.
  1. Go to SecurityWeb App Firewall (WAF):
  1. To link the entire protection to a domain name, simply activate WAF by clicking on the slider button under “STATUS”.

How to Customize Rules

It is possible to customize the rules of WAF for each domain. 


Always customize the rules first. As a last resort, you can disable all the rules, but the site becomes more vulnerable to attacks.

  1. Locate the domain for which you need to customize the rules:
  1. Click on the Edit firewall rules icon.
  2. Fill in the Search field if you are looking for a specific rule to customize:
  1. Use the slider buttons to customize the rules.
  2. Click on Show Subrules icon, if needed.

Meaning of the Rules

You can easily know the meaning of each rule:

  1. Locate the rule to be defined:
  1. Click on the View rule documentation icon.
  2. A search on “Atomicorp Product Documentation” website is automatically performed.

How to Revert to the Default Domain Configuration

  1. Click on the Revert to default configuration button.
  1. The slider buttons are automatically adjusted to the initial state.
Updated on November 27, 2023

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