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How to See Visitor Statistics


In this article, you will get acquainted with a tool that allows you to see user statistics and filter them. Thanks to the status codes, these statistics are useful for diagnosing web pages that have caused problems.

Note :The Glossary contains explanations on multiple topics and can be consulted to clarify certain terms.


Go to https://mg.n0c.com/en/.

What are Status Codes?

The HTTP code (also called status code) is used to determine the result of a request or to indicate an error to the client. The first digit of the status code is used to specify one of five response categories.

Success (2XX)Success of the request. This category indicates that the client’s request has been received, understood and accepted successfully.
Redirects (3XX)Redirection. This category indicates that another action must be done to complete the request.
4XXWeb client error. This category indicates that the request contains bad syntax or cannot be completed.
5XXServer error. This category indicates a server or application server error in executing the request.

How to view Visitor Statistics

  1. Go to Stats -> Visitors.
  2. Choose the filter criteria by specifying the domain and time period in the drop-down lists, so that the number of occurrences of each type of status code at a given point in time is displayed in the graph:
  1. Hover your cursor over the points on the graph corresponding to the moments in time for which the report codes are to be displayed.
  2. If needed, select UNIQUE VISITORS to see the number of Internet users who visit one or more pages of the website during this time period:


In a future release, more accurate statistics on status codes will be provided. For example, the number of people with 404, 503 error codes, etc. will be provided. This will help the user to diagnose which pages have caused problems.

Updated on November 27, 2023

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