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Change the SitePad Language


You can easily change the language by hovering your cursor over the current language at the top right in the navigation bar, just to the left of your username. Please refer to the article Website Creation with the SitePad Site Builder for the details: .

It is also possible to change the language from the Settings page, which we will explain in this article.

Note : The PlanetHoster Glossary contains explanations on multiple topics and can be consulted to clarify certain terms.


Enter the following address in your web browser : https://mg.n0c.com/en.

Connect to SitePad as explained in Website Creation with the SitePad Site Builder.

Modifying the Language

  1. Go to Settings > General. A context menu will be displayed at right:
  1. Choose the Site Language in the drop-down list.
  2. Click on the Save Changes button.
Updated on March 30, 2022

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